November 21, 2011

Upcoming Excitement

Still working away on these characters. Merryweather Studios was invited to the Return on Design Conference in Las Vegas later this week. We are excited to have a both and promote the studio with some awesome material. A nice end of week design vaca sounds like the perfect start to the weekend. Can't wait!  With that in sight, we are working our tails off to finish 4 of the characters and design a killer booth. Little bit of everything this week! Check out the ROD Conference info at Return on Design Conference

Color schemes for each of our characters. Meet Violet, Rachel, Robby, Georgia and Kipp. Just the first 5. More to come!

Jay working on Robby's hair.

 Spencer fine tuning body parts before they are assembled.

 Great resemblance don't you think?

Starting to sew clothing for each of the characters. Rough mock up of Violet's micro-dress. Tights and a  purple vest to come! Hopefully I will be quite the seamstress by the end of next week. 

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