December 19, 2011

Love working here!

Check out our little co-workers! Brenna made a very nice snow man yesterday and Conner is always very entertaining in the studio.

SUU Gymnastics Facility Banners

For the past month, the studio has been working on some large banners for the SUU Gymnastics Facility. There are 2 banners, each about 8 feet tall and 70 feet, and 120 feet long. The athletes on the banners are record holders and national qualifiers. The imagery was meant to illustrate the technical side of the sport. Each photograph has a drawing offset to represent what the gymnast is thinking about or striving for as she moves. The banners are being installed this week, so photographs of the final product in it's space are to come soon!

Small section of the large banner.

Smaller banner. These were the 'cue words' chosen by the current SUU gymnastics team.

Section of the small banner. 

As a secondary project, we created a door vinyl to block out the sun coming into the facility on one of the doors. This is a mock up of the door frame over the image, but photographs are to come soon. 

December 11, 2011

Drawing with Brenna

So my daughter Brenna and I spent the morning drawing together. I believe this is her first still life. Not too shabby for a six year old.

December 05, 2011

Painting Day

This week the designers learned something new! It is no secret that Jay is an exceptional painter. If you are unfamiliar with his work, head to Merryweather Studios and check out some of his work. Lots of color, lots of faces and other intriguing imagery. Spencer and I were "hired on" to help promote the studio, design great things for old and new clients, and assist with any projects. Painting though, is not on the list of talents for either of us. On Friday we began a painting phase and learned Jay's particular process which was a ton of fun.
Spencer and Ari are already hooked.

This is a previously prepared work that Jay is getting back to now.

First portrait for me!

Spencer's first portrait as well.

Our lovely painting set up. 

ROD Conference Photos

Here are some long overdue photos of the Return on Design Conference. Our booth looked great (best one there if you ask us!) and we talked to some great people that were interested in Merryweather Studios.  Because Jay is a professor at Southern Utah University, he was able to bring a group of students down as well. We had a great time at the conference and had some extra time to walk around Vegas as well.

Looking good, right?

The iPad had a presentation of what we do at Merryweather Studios. It was a fun detail to add to the display.

Spencer, Jay and I

The whole crew! 

Taking full advantage of the great giveaways from paper companies, distributors and other design shops! Our vehicle was loaded full!