July 30, 2010

Roxy Swimsuit Design Contest

Roxy |rocks-she|: noun:

The look uses a fresh typographic treatment indicative of the Roxy brand. After perusing through another great Roxy catalog and the accompanying motion graphics on the website and quickly jotting down buzz words based on my reactions to the look and feel of the Brand I worked the concepts into a design that moves as a statement.

The words in the design are: sprotsglam; sunbeam; dinasexy; superpop; wavescraper; sandblaster; lovetickler; colormixer; watertumbler; sasssparkler; smilecatcher; skywrestler; movehustler; curvetotn'; and lastly uberoxy!

The design uses a combination of embroidery, custom stitching and graphic print. The lacing a water coral pattern.

See a high res version of the design here: