November 24, 2011

SUU Student Work

Student work form some great artists here at SUU.

November 21, 2011

All Nighter, but We Made It!

Alright, I am days behind on uploading the latest activity in the studio. The past 4 days have been long and crazy. Here are quite a few photos from last Tuesday and Wednesday. We worked hard to complete the characters and design a trade show booth that will catch us some attention at the Return on Design Conference. So thankful the work is done for a day or two!

Painting Robby

 Reassembling Violet after finishing her outfit.

 These are the magnets we will use to hold the characters in place.

 Yay! Complete minus her nerdy glasses.

 Amanda came to assist with the cutting and matting.

We decided to call the upcoming residency "Urban Exit". An Artist Residency for Creatives. This is the final logo for the event. I love it! 

Imagining how they will look at the booth.  

Final draft of the postcards and a side of the display. The smaller form with the Merryweather Studios logo will go on top of the display.

The third side of the display has an ipod mounted inside and will show a motion piece promoting the studio and what we do.

The crew just hanging out together.  

Finally complete! The boys did all the constructing and I think they did a great job! Also note, the white brackets on the edges are handmade! Casted in resin and marked with an M for a little extra detail. Very cool. 

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

Far too tired to post pictures this evening, but tomorrow the work will be done one way or another. Excited to show off our hard work going into the Return on Design Conference. Also, very excited to be in Vegas in 2 days! Staying at the Monte Carlo Las Vegas which will be a new and fabulous experience.

Sewing, Painting and Casting!

In these next few days I'll try to post some other work along with the characters. Currently obsessing though! We are making awesome progress. The guys worked hard this weekend to assemble a couple more characters and I worked on clothing today. The hand dilemma has been solved and Jay is casting hands for each of the characters. Tomorrow I am hoping we can assemble all 4 characters going to the conference, finish painting and complete the basic outfits. Then we will focus on our booth, obviously more pictures to come!

Rachel's outfit. Her cowboy boots will be painted red and her waistline will be smoothed out a bit. 

 These are the molds for each of the hands. One for the guys and a smaller set for the girls. As the silicone sets we are able to shape the hands as needed before they set completely.

 Violet's head is painted and waiting for some killer glasses. Her hands and any exposed skin have also been painted and finished with a glossy coat. 

Here's Robby! Sculpted, baked and ready to be put together. Check out his hair! Both on his head, and the sexy curl on his chest. I think he might end up being my favorite!

Here are a couple teaser ideas for postcards we will be handing out at the Return on Design Conference. The original idea was to emboss "Artists That Design" to be a positive image on her face. Then on the back we were playing with the idea of printing right over the negative image for a visual illusion. The embossing may not work out before Thursday but we will see!

Upcoming Excitement

Still working away on these characters. Merryweather Studios was invited to the Return on Design Conference in Las Vegas later this week. We are excited to have a both and promote the studio with some awesome material. A nice end of week design vaca sounds like the perfect start to the weekend. Can't wait!  With that in sight, we are working our tails off to finish 4 of the characters and design a killer booth. Little bit of everything this week! Check out the ROD Conference info at Return on Design Conference

Color schemes for each of our characters. Meet Violet, Rachel, Robby, Georgia and Kipp. Just the first 5. More to come!

Jay working on Robby's hair.

 Spencer fine tuning body parts before they are assembled.

 Great resemblance don't you think?

Starting to sew clothing for each of the characters. Rough mock up of Violet's micro-dress. Tights and a  purple vest to come! Hopefully I will be quite the seamstress by the end of next week. 

Sculpting, Sculpting, Sculpting...

These are some in progress shots of our sculpting efforts. We are creating a series of characters as part of recruitment material for the Urban Exit Artist Residency taking place in May. More details about the residency are to come as the project comes together. These are body parts, heads, hair, and hands that we have been working on for each of the characters. They are being wired together and prepped so we can add paint and clothing later. Very fun!

Check out his hair! I think the hair of these characters will give them the most personality.

Very Tim Burton in this phase, right?

Merryweather Studios

Take a look at Merryweather Studios. We are working on some fun projects right now and have a great set up to get work done! Really excited for the months to come.