November 21, 2011

All Nighter, but We Made It!

Alright, I am days behind on uploading the latest activity in the studio. The past 4 days have been long and crazy. Here are quite a few photos from last Tuesday and Wednesday. We worked hard to complete the characters and design a trade show booth that will catch us some attention at the Return on Design Conference. So thankful the work is done for a day or two!

Painting Robby

 Reassembling Violet after finishing her outfit.

 These are the magnets we will use to hold the characters in place.

 Yay! Complete minus her nerdy glasses.

 Amanda came to assist with the cutting and matting.

We decided to call the upcoming residency "Urban Exit". An Artist Residency for Creatives. This is the final logo for the event. I love it! 

Imagining how they will look at the booth.  

Final draft of the postcards and a side of the display. The smaller form with the Merryweather Studios logo will go on top of the display.

The third side of the display has an ipod mounted inside and will show a motion piece promoting the studio and what we do.

The crew just hanging out together.  

Finally complete! The boys did all the constructing and I think they did a great job! Also note, the white brackets on the edges are handmade! Casted in resin and marked with an M for a little extra detail. Very cool. 

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