November 20, 2009

easy petals

Warm blossom filled days skipping through clouds and nights sailing along a river of stars. Someone works very hard to keep things rolling smoothly for her. Moods change, but circumstances may not. We were all 4 years old once.

November 18, 2009

Evening in the Soup

At time we are forced to confront the way in which our identity is defined by others.

The last 7 days.

Construct Deconstruct
I spent the evening away from the office in open life drawing tonight. It was great to construct and deconstruct an image without concept getting in the way. Just trying to keep the momentum going.

Relocating the Mouth
Of course, these circumstances are hardly unique. Consider for a moment we think about why we say rather than what we say. Maybe the displacement of the mouth as an instrument of identity would create multiple new identities.

The Becoming Prince of the Multitude
Kant dedicates reason as an animating force in doubt, and enlightenment as a police armed to banish the "fanatical vision". What does it mean, it means a resulting death of philosophy. Doubt then, not reason itself reveals the revolutionary passion in reason as emerging from the margins of art history.

"The becoming Prince of the multitude is a project that relies entirely on the immanence of decision making within the multitude." —Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri

This piece reasons with the decision of joining the "Furrydom", anthropomorphism, and a courtship with the multitude.

Of Love Posessed

If love is like the wasp and the orchid; love becomes an engagement in the production of subjectivity. It is no longer spontaneous, romantic, or passive. It then being a production of affective networks, schemes of cooperation, and social subjectivities is and economic power. This leads to the production of the common and under these circumstances love itself becomes susceptible to corruption.

Lets have love defined by the common and then through the introduction and reoccurring encounter and experimentation of singularities within the common we can produce more common and more singularities. It is in the reproduction of singularities that we can study how people are and analyze the passions that actually animate them.

The productive, passionate, and industrious bee and its relationship with the flower as a common overtakes in its singular relationship the hedonistic relationship of the wasp and the orchid.

This is a response to an art forum article, Reckoning with Empire. The piece produced today is a further response to the issue of love, self, and identity.

The Repose i

I spent the morning teaching Brenna my four year old how to cut squares out of paper. She is getting very competent with her new scissors. Conner (my 1 year old) helped me paint the background of this piece. I was thinking about the "i" in identity and how it is a powerful signification today. I was also entertaining how the "i" in ourselves is in constant competition with the self. The "i" may be the true identity of our competitor.

Swift Identity

So I spent a bit of time today walking around with Brenna, my 4 year old daughter. We picked up leaves and she was not selective at all when it came to the old ones, color, size or shape, she just collected. We took the leaves to my office and I scanned seven that mirrored a change. I then sketched an aging portrait of Taylor Swift. I overlapped the two elements to see what might come of the juxtaposition.

I am interested in further investigating the idea of the transience of identity and the hybrid object, toying with both the formal and ideological traditions of the art world.

My focus will be to clarify the direction of my body of work for a summer 2010 solo show in Los Angeles. My brand will be evident in the breadth of work that will be produced following this exercise.

Untitled Identity 1
Digital watercolor, pencil, and paper.